Rozhovor s Tomášem Kalinou

Interview on Antibodies and Flow Cytometry

T. Kalina for Proteogenix website

Over the years, I’ve been involved in the design, development, and validation of diagnostic methods that employ flow cytometry to either monitor hematological malignancies in children (i.e. leukemia or lymphoma) or to detect primary immunodeficiencies occurring at a very young age or later in life (e.g. severe combined immunodeficiency and common variable immunodeficiency, respectively).

The advantage of using flow cytometry for diagnosing these conditions lies in its fast turnover during sample processing and its high resolution. But the beauty of the technique also lies in its simplicity. We can receive a sample from a patient and provide an answer on the same day. This is especially important when we’re dealing with acute leukemia or severe combined immunodeficiency, where clinicians need to take immediate action to ensure their patients have the best chances of surviving the disease.


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31.03.2020 12:47