Graduate/PhD study

The PhD study programme has been successfully concluded by seventeen students, another thirteen are nearing conclusion. Only twice did we have to dismiss a PhD student before programme completion. The Hlávka prize for the most outstanding PhD student, repeartedly awarded our students, attests to the quality of our study programmes, as do the papers published in the process of writing the thesis. 

We welcome applicants for our PhD programmes. We are interested in graduates of biology, biotechnology, pharmacology and medical programmes. We only admit students for “in-attendance” study programmes, i.e. regular full-time students. The applications are due to end April. Naturally, early application and well-documented interest in the field of study increase the likelihood of acceptance. 

Graduate medical students, if interested, can attend our regular ‘Circle’ – a combination of informal seminars and basic lab work, comprising approx. 3 hours a week for the duration of one semester. From those who persevere we then select co-workers for our smaller-scale laboratory projects. 

Applicants for a bachelor’s degree or MA thesis are accepted only rarely. However, this should not put anyone off; they are just not the most frequent type of applicant. Supposedly such applicants would be interested in working in the field of paediatric haematology and/or molecular haematology/oncology. 

If interested in any form of study please contact either of the lab heads, prof. Trka or doc. Hrušák.

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