10th International Conference Analytical Cytometry CSAC

The first days of autumn were dedicated to our favourite conference of analytical cytometry. This year we were invited into the woods near the river Chrudimka. Jezerka hotel was a perfect place for an event like this, great catering area, lecture halls and workshop rooms.

On Saturday there was an opening lecture and a welcome drink to meet and greet with the cytometry society. On Sunday the full program begun, we heard a lot of famous plenary speakers such as Andrea Cossarizza or Jean-Pierre Bourqin and during the lunch we could explore, what news the cytometry companies got for us. Lectures from Ondřej Štěpánek about T-cells, signaling and adaptive immunity and from Kanutte Huse about mass cytometry belonged to the most interesting topics of the conference. Afterwards, poster session part one came on and slowly went to social event.

Monday morning could be hard for some of those who socialized longer, but the daily program was as interesting as the previous day. Paralel sessions for cytometry methods, clinical cytometry, where some of our CLIP colleagues, such as Tomáš Kalina, Veronika Kanderová or Martina Vášková had their input, mass cytometry or core facility workshop were very informative and in the evening poster session part two took place. The comittee for the best poster consisted of PhD students, where Marina Bakardjieva and Martina Fejtkova as CLIP members participated. Topics were broad, from methodical posters to new discoveries, therapies or diagnostics.

On Tuesday we could hear some very interesting topics from haematology, microfluidics or data analysis and after lunch we begun to prepare on our way home. Full of new information, contacts and experience we returned to the big cities and back to civilization.


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