Cytometric screening

Our laboratory performs the following types of cytometric testing:


  • diagnostics and monitoring of acute leukaemias (ALL and AML)
  • diagnostics of patients in suspicion of lymphoma and lymphoproliferative disorder
  • cytometric diagnostics and monitoring of patients with PNH (p aroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria)
  • determining the basic lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood and reconstituting the patients’ immunity following blood marrow transplantation
  • extended testing in suspicion of an immune deficiency
  • immunophenotyping in aplastic anaemiamyelodysplastic  syndrome and chronic myeloproliferations
  • detection of bound thrombocyte antibodies in patients in suspicion of ITP
  • testing for compromised Fas-apoptotic pathway
  • quantification of CD34 in grafts after stem cell transplantation
  • CLIP-Cytometry is accredited as a "Laboratory for quality control testing (1.6.4. Biological)" by State Institute for Drug Control.





Certification of Accrediation

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