ESID 2016


The 17th Biennial Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) took place on September 21 – 24, 2016 in Barcelona. CLIP was represented by Tomas Kalina, Eva Fronkova, Veronika Kanderova and Michael Svaton and their presentation on the newest diagnostics and biology of primary immunodeficiencies. Thematically, the conference was excellent. The most important topic in the field today is NGS. Newly discovered genes and diseases can be presented as a poster and the speakers are researchers who present their work in publications like Nature or Science, all of this makes ESID one of the best conferences in the immunology field. By the way, lunch breaks on the Barcelona´s beach or soccer match FC Barcelona x Atlético Madrid definitely contributed to a productively spent time.


PS: Rumors about Barcelona as a „city of thieves“ are true, unforunately.





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