55th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

55th American Society of Hematology congress took place in New Orleans, LA on December 5 – 10, 2013, the most prestigious meeting of the year. The programme was, as usually, very interesting and included educational sections led by world leading scientists and doctors, lectures about the news in the field, symposia about new drugs and their effects and a large poster section.

Ivana Hermanova and Julia Starkova represented CLIP in the section of malignant white blood cells of the poster section with their presentation about HOX genes in leukogenesis, Olga Zimmermannova presented detection of pre-leukemic clone and BCR-ABL1-like leukemic cells resistency to kinase inhibitors, Lucie Slamova presented CEBP gene and switch leukemias aberations and Veronika Kanderova presented the possibilities of proteomic screening in clinical research. In the large quantity of posters, CLIP was well represented.

We learned at the conference, we nurtured our bodies in the French quarters and we moved through the Mississippi wetlands. We are looking forward to the next year!


Quiz: How many animals do you recognizce in the photo bellow?



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