22nd EuroFlow meeting

The 22nd EuroFlow meeting was held in Porto, Portugal on 12 – 15 March 2013. The first day was dedicated to the meeting of participants working on a new panels development for the diagnostics and characterization of primary immunodeficiencies. Czech Republic was represented by Tomas Kalina (CLIP) and Marcela Vlkova (Brno). The following days, other participants joined the meeting and discussed hematologic malignancies. Ester Mejstrikova together with V. van der Velden lead the group of BCP ALL including detection of minimal residual disease. To the topics discussed belonged technical aspects associated with multicolor flow cytometry, new findings from the analysis of various diagnostic groups and publications. Porto’s weather wasn’t warm enough to put off winter coat but we enjoyed a sightseeing tour to Palácio da Bolsa and wine tasting.

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